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Capabilities and Objectives

A Lawyer is not the one to be consulted in time of distress. He is expert on certain social, financial, family and political issues and can be great help if consulted before the LAVA actually erupts.

Unfortunately, in our set up of society, a lawyer is consulted when the matter is already mature enough to be contested in the Court of Law. The day begins with one or the other issue where one can remain in doldrums as to do or not to do. We take pro-active measures in many other aspects of our life, be it health or monetary aspects, we seek advice and act proactively. However, we consult a lawyer only after having acted that too if the consequences of our action are in prejudice to our interest. Most of us swing into actions to address legal arms only to protect our interests rather than being socially enlightened.

Most of us lack awareness about our rights from smallest of issues to the serious ones. Even if within the confines of home, a RWA can cause one or the other issue which can be bothersome hence one needs to be well equipped with legal back up. Like medical practioners, legal practioners are very much required to be to your side in the time of distress to make the turf clear.

Fair Law Practitioners (FLP) a legal firm is embarked on social and professional journey and churning out legal solutions on issues as shown in the range of service.

1. Professional Legal services
2. Affordable Legal fees
3. Realistic, Practical Legal Solutions
4. Strategic Management & Consulting Services to cause focus and measurable improvement to the Issues.
5. Micro Analysis of the issues and sharing of possible legal routes
6. Deft, precise and articulate Drafting
7. Effective Litigation and Presentation
8. Client Satisfaction
9. Free initial advice on Family issues
10. Legal Awareness Campaign amongst different sections of society
11.Client’s requirement, translating it into legal form and making the client understand the same and taking him along.

FLP is sensitive to Client’s issues and problems and extends most Client friendly and Client oriented services.

Objective: FLP is committed to extend legal cover to Client, unburden him of stress by being with him, prepare the Issues with blend of professional cover and ethics in transparent and accountable manner to Client in most confidential environment.