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Yes, Trust is Must in Legal Profession

Fair Legal Practitioners (FLP) builds its name, brand and legacy on sound foundations of Trust, Truth and Honesty with esteemed Clients. It is important to be open and honest with each other. Trust must not be immediately assumed, or given. Trust must be earned at all costs and that is the philosophy, FLP adheres to.

Trust, openness, honesty and transparency are absolutely essential for legal profession where the Client opens up with all his internally embedded thoughts and secrets with his Attorney and legal ethics are necessarily guiding force to ensure that professional edges pertaining to Attorney and client must not be breached. An Attorney knows his Client more than anybody.

Qualities of a Trustworthy Lawyer
In our life we wish to develop a deeper level of trust with Lawyer who act differently,
Lawyer with the ability to grasp and involve,
Lawyer who do analysis of the Issues and put up all pros and cons before the esteemed client,
Lawyer who can count own deficits and let the Client know real picture,
Lawyer who does not give up and take up the issue with full confidence and enthusiasm